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Jul 10, 2020

Many do not understand how our tax system works in the U.S., so I share the very basics of what I know. Understanding this saves you money and puts things into perspective a little better for when you're thinking about buying things to avoid taxes.

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Jul 3, 2020

Society has led you believe that you should be broke because you farm for a living, that you should have to explain yourself if you have nice things, and that you should not have extra money for non-essentials or vacations. Why? Why shouldn't you? You run a business, and no one deserves an explanation for why you have...

Jun 26, 2020

This is my two cents on estate planning as an off-the-farm kid. I am not an expert, but when I see both sides, I always see some things being done foolishly, and I am always going to call them out. Guilt has been a longtime driver in the farming world; we need to stop feeling bad about things we can't change and change...

Jun 19, 2020

Many people want to work with a local agent, and I understand why. If this is you, I will help answer some questions about why you want to have someone who knows IBC, why most mutual companies are good, and why you should make your money a priority over making someone else happy. It's a concept, not a sales tool.


Jun 12, 2020

I go over two more chapters in Becoming Your Own Banker. I discuss Parkinson's Law and Willie Sutton's Law. You'll hear how human nature keeps us in slavery to material things and luxury and how the IRS is the biggest thief we have to contend with.

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